In February 2022, The Younique Foundation, Finding Hope Support Groups, and Defend Innocence were rebranded as Saprea.
All references on the website to our former brands are now synonymous with the new brand. You can learn more about the rebrand here.

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Service can help you on your healing journey and be a source of comfort and support to those you serve. Volunteering improves mental health and well-being: new research suggests that volunteering lowers rates of PTSD and depression.1, 2


Service has been an important part of recovery in the journey for me. I feel like giving back to a community that’s helped me so much has actually helped me to heal.

–Sarah, Hope Haven Group Leader

Here are some ways to get involved:

1 Yeung, J. W. K., Zhang, Z., & Kim, T. Y. (2017). Volunteering and health benefits in general adults: cumulative effects and forms. BMC Public Health, 17, 1-8.

2Lawrence, K. A., Matthieu, M. M., Robertson-Blackmore, E. (2017). Completion of a veteran-focused civic service program improves health and psychosocial outcomes in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with a history of traumatic brain injury. Military Medicine, 182, e1763-1770.