finding a second


Part of the process for starting a Finding Hope Support Group is to find a second group leader. A second group leader is an important part of the structure for helping the group maintain a safe environment. Here are some ideas that can help in the process:

  • Begin by looking at your own circle of family, friends, and acquaintances. Let people close to you know what you are wanting to do, and they may be able to help you find another survivor who would be interested.
  • Contact a local therapist group. They may have a client who is far enough along in her healing journey to participate as a group leader. Being a group leader might be a great next step for her.
  • If you are comfortable sharing on your social channels that you are a survivor, you can share about Finding Hope Support Groups and let people know that you are looking for another survivor to be a group leader.
  • Check with Facebook Groups or Community Boards in your area. If you are comfortable sharing on these forums, you may be able to find another group leader by posting there.