In February 2022, The Younique Foundation, Finding Hope Support Groups, and Defend Innocence were rebranded as Saprea.
All references on the website to our former brands are now synonymous with the new brand. You can learn more about the rebrand here.
This video is focused on helping you, as the Group Leader, keep the group safe. We will cover the concept of safety, triggers, grounding exercises, and a crisis management worksheet.


Meetings are most likely to run smoothly when Group Leaders are prepared. Group Leaders should take time before, during, and after meetings to ensure the environment, conversation, and structure of the meeting align with the standards of Finding Hope Support Groups.

Have a Room
Group Leaders should have a secure, accessible room for meetings. Rooms should be private and in a neutral location. Please be aware of, and share with participants, all potential entrances and exits to the room at your chosen location.

Know the Script
Review the script on your own before you start a meeting. Carefully read all of the different sections to increase your confidence in maintaining the consistency and flow of the meeting.

Follow the Guidelines
In order to manage group safety, do not deviate from the Meeting Guidelines. Use these guidelines to help create a safe and consistent culture within the group.

Ground Yourself Before
Before attending a meeting, take time for self-assessment. Make sure you are in a healthy emotional state of mind. If necessary, take time to ground yourself beforehand.

Check in with Your Co-Leader Before and After  
Touch base with your co-leader before the meeting begins. Make sure you complete the following together:

  • Decide who will assume the Leader #1 and Leader #2 roles.
  • Review the Response Toolbox.
  • Review the training videos.

After the meeting, take a few minutes to talk about how the meeting went and possible ways to improve.