in-person group leader ROLES

Participating in the role of Group Leader is an opportunity to serve the women in the survivor community. It also provides a way to quickly get invested in the community. You can find training videos here.

Leader 1

  • Sets the tone for the group.
  • Follows the script to ensure safety.
  • Upholds and maintains guidelines for the group.
  • Sets best example for check-in and sharing.
  • Manages time to ensure everyone gets a chance to share and meeting stays on track.

Leader 2

  • Ensures group safety.
  • Provides support for Group Leader 1 and group members.
  • If someone leaves the group, follow within five minutes to make sure she’s okay (but give her space if needed).
  • Can pause the meeting if grounding is necessary.
  • Upholds and maintains guidelines for the group and follows the script.


Importance of Rotation

Rotating group leaders is important. It provides an opportunity for deeper learning and services for those who are group leaders. Each group can decide how often the group leader roles should rotate (i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly).

Group Size

These support groups are designed for three to twelve people. If you are regularly getting more than twelve, it may be time to consider splitting into two groups. A group should NOT be held with less than three people total.

Creating Your Own Group Culture

Each group will adjust and change to best meet the needs of the group members. We encourage this, with a few requests. Do not deviate from the script. There may be times where it seems monotonous or you feel like you know it, but the script is written specifically to be predictable and create a feeling of safety. Ways that you might create your own group culture can include your choice of location, the activities that you engage in after the meeting, whether you use a timer during check-in and sharing, or whether you bring snacks to the meetings. If you have questions or concerns, please email us.